What does CPO mean?

CPO stands for Certified Pre-Owned. All FAME Certified Pre-Owned  undergoes a 25 step process to determine that it looks and performs like new. If it passes, all data is wiped, then the phone is reset and packaged for sale for the next lucky CPO buyer.

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Are your phones locked or unlocked?

All FAME Certified Pre-Owned phones come unlocked, meaning you can use them with many carriers. If you’d like to purchase a carrier-locked phone, we can also make that happen at special request. Just talk to us and we’ll place a special order on your behalf. No extra charge.

Where do your phones work?

FAME Certified Pre-Owned phones work throughout the world including North America, the US, Canada on any 2G, 3G or 4G LTE Network

As far as wireless networks, our phones can work with any carrier. Different networks require different chipsets (GSM or CDMA), so make sure you buy the right phone for your service. If you have questions about which phone to buy, you can ask us directly and we’ll point you in the right direction.

What is your shipping policy?

You can choose your shipping speed and service at checkout. Once confirmed, we will send you tracking information so you may follow your phone as it arrives from across the country.

Many items are available for next-day shipping. Others can take 3 days to ship, depending on the availability of your phone. No matter what, you’ll have a stress free shipping experience.

What warranty do you offer?

Every FAME Certified Pre-Owned phone  comes with a 90 day warranty.

What do I do if someone has a problem with a FAME Checked phone?

While our phones are all certified on 25 key points, sometimes things do happen. That’s why we give our smartphones a 90 day warranty. If you do end up having a problem that’s covered by warranty, we’ve set up a process to take care of it. Just make sure your phone is registered with FAME Wireless to take advantage of the full benefits of our 90 day warranty

To learn more, check out our Warranty page with more information on what to do in the event you have an issue with your phone.